Fully equipped
that’s how we roll

We’re not your traditional contact center. We are your go-to if you’re looking for a flexible, proactive and professional team. In a creative and customer-facing way. We always go the extra mile to create the best approach specifically for you. Fully dedicated. So, what is it we do?

A lot, and the elephant in the room is growing. So we might as well address it right away: BConnected offers great service and yes, it is affordable. Without cutting back on quality, we always look for smart ways to work as cost-efficient as possible. Smart solutions is what we call them.

What we offer

In- and outbound calling

More than 20 years of experience, with a proven track record. Pioneering in a market that’s in constant evolution. We're the pro’s that are COPC based compliant.

(Social media) Chat and e-mail

Our people are guided in giving the best possible service over (social media) chat and e-mail.


We can process your front-office’s work for you. Ticketing, sorting, you name it.


We second our best people, specifically for your company. Fully trained of course.


We are compliant and fully certified to train our people in our own training center to get a FSMA certificate. Involving laws like Wet Cauwenberghs, Wet Vande Lanotte, Wet Willems, so they can be seconded to banks.

Partnered up

Professors guide our people to anticipate digitization and provide trainings in many domains.

Artificial Intelligence

If it’s applicable and you’re up for it, we use AI in your favor.


You can find us in Aalst, Brussels, Sint-Niklaas. Or in-house. Or offshore. So wherever you want basically.

Multiple sectors

Telecom, energy, banks (including FSMA-certificates), IT, government. We learned our lessons and are happy to share all of our experience with you now.