What we do &
How we do it right

BConnected is a Belgian contact center. See us as a team of motivated, deeply-skilled talents gathered together in order to provide you with suitable solutions for your customer service. We hire and educate manpower, and second employees to proudly represent any brand.



Always on top of things, seeing new solutions and going the extra mile. That’s it. Every day (and night actually). We are willing to invest. In you. No matter if you work for us or if we work for you. Our challenge is to find the ideal match, considering all parties, options and people behind it.

Homeb Dedicated


We work together as a team, a family even. We want people to thrive. All built on accountability though. Open and transparent towards everyone, staying professional and sharp. What you see is what you get. Always going that extra mile to find the best approach for you. Our staff is your staff.

Homeb Teamplayer


Voice, Artificial Intelligence, the future itself. It excites us. If you, as a customer, are not (fully) digital yet, we will guide you. In our world there’s no standing still. We are very aware of the demands and opportunities of digitization. And ready for it! Supported by professors and the latest technology.

Homeb Futureproof


Want to improve your customer experience? Or want to help companies improve it? We got you. Outbound calls, incoming calls, answering social media, chats and emails. We do it all, with the right certificates and experience for all sectors like telecom, energy, banks (we are the only center that trains its family for FSMA certificates), IT and government. At our own locations, or yours.

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